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Pregnancy and Fertility with the help of Reflexology

Since starting up Nightingale’s, Complementary Therapies in 2005, I have worked with a number of ladies wishing to become pregnant and I am pleased to say we have had a number of happy parents since.

Firstly, I must advise that there are NO guarantees; all I can do is help the body create the best environment for conception.
Secondly, thank you for chosing me to come on this journey with you.

With the knowledge I have gained via my own experiences, client feedback and courses I have attended at the Three Shires School of Reflexology I have compiled my ideas and thoughts that I felt were useful to my clients. I am not saying you must do them all entirely but would recommend that you try to.


If a couple are having difficulties with conceiving, they should first consult their doctor to ascertain whether there is a physical cause for this. In the absence of a physical cause, reflexology may assist them. Anxiety and worries of not being able to conceive are often the very “blockers” to becoming pregnant. Both partners are encouraged to have treatment in order to, regulate menstruation and stimulate sperm production.

Nightingales feel it is a professional courtesy for all pregnant women seeking reflexology to advise their primary care givers (normally a mid wife) and to ensure that they are happy for treatments to take place. Reflexology is a complementary therapy that works alongside traditional medicine and as such there may be occasions when medical conditions arising during pregnancy may mean that reflexology is not longer a suitable therapy.

During pregnancy a women’s body undergoes substantial physical and emotional changes. Reflexology can help to relieve many complaints of pregnancy and help your body adjust to the major changes required at this time.

These changes could include:

~ Morning Sickness
~ Stress and Anxiety
~ Indigestion
~ Hearburn
~ Back Ache
~ Groin Ache
~ Cramps
~ Swollen and puffy ankles
~ Mood Swings
~ Lack of sleep
~ Tiredness
~ Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD)

Reflexology may help by reducing the effects of stress and modern day pressures on mother and baby. With many mothers working up to their due dates, the benefits and calming effects of reflexology may be invaluable.

Research has shown that pregnant women receiving reflexology throughout their pregnancy tend to deliver closer to term and experience shorter labours.

Post natal reflexology – after birth, new parents may find themselves coping with unusual routines, exhaustion and lack of sleep, reflexology can help with:

De Stressing; Boosting your energy levels; Restoring the body to its non-pregnant state; Rebalancing the body’s hormone levels; Reducing the likelihood of post natal depression.

A full reflexology treatment at Nightingales is as per my price list, appointments are approximately 50 minutes to an hour with time to relax after the treatment.

Please allow slightly longer for initial appointments as a full medical history will be taken prior to the treatment to enable us to tailor the therapy to your individual needs.


I attended Tiny Toes Massage course at the Three Shires School of Reflexology, where I will learnt about new skills to help baby in all of these areas:-

Sleep : Comforting : Digestion : Feeding : Wellbeing



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