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Indian Head Massage

What is Indian Head Massage ?

Indian Head Massage is a massage of the shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp and face and can often bring immediate relief from tension in these areas. This popular massage can benefit clients and usually leaves them feeling relaxed but also rejuvenated and more focused.

A typical treatment

Clients at Nightingales lie down on a massage couch surrounded with lush towels and blankets whilst the therapist works on the muscles of the upper body; manipulations of the neck, scalp and shoulders are particularly effective at melting away stress as these areas are usually the tensest. Nightingales use Neal's Yard oils and creams.

The routine has evolved from traditional techniques that have been used in India for hundreds of years. As the massage proceeds clients relax and breathe more deeply. The treatment finishes with a brief face massage during which pressure points are stimulated to help relieve sinus pressure and increase alertness.

Most clients find the treatment deeply relaxing, and some even fall asleep!

What are the benefits of Indian Head Massage?

  • A relief from muscular tension, especially stiffness in the neck and shoulders
  • Increased joint mobility
  • Improved circulation which will help disperse toxins such as lactic acid from the muscles
  • An increase in alertness and concentration
  • A relief from stress symptoms such as tension headaches, eye strain and insomnia
  • An increase in scalp circulation which promotes growth and strength of the hair
  • A feeling of well-being and a sense of peace and tranquillity

You can see from the list above, which is by no means complete, the varied area in which Indian Head Massage may be able to help

Indian Head Massage Treatment £27

Indian Head Massage and Reflexology treatment prices from £45

Please call me to arrange an appointment or ask for more information on Brackley (01280) 701732.

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