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Katie Page Reflexology

Starts with you

S - Silence ~ 5 minutes just sitting quietly outside listening to nature, if possible, shoes and sock off and ground yourself.

A - Affirmation ~ Write out this affirmation 10 times as a minimum. I am a fabulous therapist and I am allowed to look after my own self care to help others.

V - Visualisation ~ 5 minutes, imagine yourself sat next to a stream, the water is crystal clear, listen to the stream noises, bubbling water going over the stones, trickling water, pop your hand into the water, is it cold? now imagine your troubles floating down your arm, over your hand and into the stream and away from you, now smile.

E - Exercise ~ walk or run for 10 minutes, go somewhere new, enjoy the different scenery, take a photo and show the rest of us where you have been and tell us why you enjoyed being outside.

R - Reading ~ Read a book for 10 minutes, you can choose your book, time for you is important and reading helps us keep our brain alert. I have a new book this week, by James Clear, about building new habits and breaking bad ones. I will share the link with you if you are interested in reading this too. James Clear, Atomic Habits

J - Journaling - Your Journal prompt is: Describe your dream business.

I - Intentions ~ what Intention will you achieve today?

G - Gratitude ~ Write down 5 things you are grateful for? Do this in the morning and the evening, just before going to bed.

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