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The POWER of Lymphatic Drainage Massage

After training with Sally Kay back in August 2014, Reflexology for Lymphatic Drainage has never failed to amaze me!

In October I met a lovely lady, who we will call Lizzy*. Lizzy, in her eyes had hugely swollen ankles, she had had this swelling for at least 4 years and in her opinion was attributed to a rare side effect of taking anti depressants.

Lizzy had seen other therapist over the past year or so but no one had been able to reduce the swelling of her feet or ‘given her back’ her ankles.

After I had taken her notes down, Lizzy said “I think Katie, I’ve messaged you before! “ So I checked my phone and she had, all the way back in September 2015.

It was obviously meant to be as Lizzy came to see me in October. We took photos so that we knew where we had started and measurements of her foot.

Timing wasn’t brilliant as I was off to Thailand on a Retreat but we managed to fit in two treatments before I went, the results with just two treatments were fabulous and Lizzie was very happy.

At treatment 2 - we remeasured and the difference was quite dramatic, however I was off for the next three weeks.

I gave Lizzy exercises to do, reiterated the aftercare advise and we kept our fingers crossed. Lizzie kept up the self care and since coming back, I have seen Lizzie every week and this week we decided to compare pictorially before and after! WOW... the different was amazing and Lizzie is extremely happy!!

Photo underneath, bottom three photos are from initial treament, top three photos are after 7 treatments.

Lizzie is now coming to see me every 3 weeks and soon this will be extended.

* My clients name has been changed to respect her privacy

Katie Page ~ 28/11/19

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