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The POWER of Detoxing with Reflexology

After the festive indulgence, we all need a body MOT to flush away our Christmas sins, stodge and over indulgence.

Let’s start with eating the right foods that will give you a body re-boot by helping you to cleanse, energise and try and lose a little of that Christmas weight you’ve put on.

However, our bodies may well need a bigger helping hand, REFLEXOLOGY could be your answer 👣

In the slower, colder, winter months, our bodies tend to store more toxins since our detoxification organs are impacted by inactivity and the over indulgences of Christmas.

For a limited time Nightingale Therapy will offering an aid to Detox Add-On with every Detox Reflexology session booked.

My aid to Detox will focus on your lymphatic system, kidney, lungs, liver and colon and could help ‘jump start’ your detoxification system, starting you on your way to an internal spring cleaning.

I suppose you are asking how does Reflexology, a gentle therapy work through your feet, will it help detoxify the whole body? Well.... It's all about the blood flow.

Did you know? Over 7,000 nerve endings are found in each foot! Reflexology could help to deeply relax the body which then allows the blood vessels to dilate, in turn promoting increased blood flow to the whole body. With increased blood flow, the detoxing organs and the lymphatic system are able to function at their maximum peak.

When your body is in a state of “stress”, the blood flow is sent to key areas of the body, diverting it away from other areas such as the intestines and gut. While this ‘hardwired’ body response was intended for short duration, many people are now experiencing a chronic level of stress to some degree. This results in the detoxification process not being a priority! Due to stress your detoxification organs are given less blood flow and cannot perform optimally, which could lead to weight gain.

During a Reflexology treatment, the cleaning organs and lymphatic system are flushed with the proper amount of blood flow and can perform naturally and effectively as we regain your bodies natural balance, hurrah.

With my aid to Detox, I will focus on your detoxification system (lymphatic system, lungs, kidneys, liver and colon) to bring more blood flow to these organs and jump start your internal cleanse. In fact these areas will be worked twice! Once during your treatment and again during your specific aid to detox treatment.

So it’s time to:

BOOK in each week/biweekly for your Detox Reflexology,
DROP all snacks;
DITCH the refined sugars; take a break from alcohol and bin the junk food!
START eating more Protein, Vegetables and
ADD in a little exercise

The POWER of Lymphatic Drainage Massage

After training with Sally Kay back in August 2014, Reflexology for Lymphatic Drainage has never failed to amaze me!

In October I met a lovely lady, who we will call Lizzy*. Lizzy, in her eyes had hugely swollen ankles, she had had this swelling for at least 4 years and in her opinion was attributed to a rare side effect of taking anti depressants.

Lizzy had seen other therapist over the past year or so but no one had been able to reduce the swelling of her feet or ‘given her back’ her ankles.

After I had taken her notes down, Lizzy said “I think Katie, I’ve messaged you before! “ So I checked my phone and she had, all the way back in September 2015.

It was obviously meant to be as Lizzy came to see me in October. We took photos so that we knew where we had started and measurements of her foot.

Timing wasn’t brilliant as I was off to Thailand on a Retreat but we managed to fit in two treatments before I went, the results with just two treatments were fabulous and Lizzie was very happy.

At treatment 2 - we remeasured and the difference was quite dramatic, however I was off for the next three weeks.

I gave Lizzy exercises to do, reiterated the aftercare advise and we kept our fingers crossed. Lizzie kept up the self care and since coming back, I have seen Lizzie every week and this week we decided to compare pictorially before and after! WOW... the different was amazing and Lizzie is extremely happy!!

Photo underneath, bottom three photos are from initial treament, top three photos are after 7 treatments.

Lizzie is now coming to see me every 3 weeks and soon this will be extended.

* My clients name has been changed to respect her privacy

Katie Page ~ 28/11/19

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